February 23           No Board Meeting  -  10:00 AM

                                  Cancelled By Board

  March 9                 Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Ammendment  -  6:00 PM

  $20.00                    Jo & Les Lamoreaux Home  -  20554 Chase St.

  March 23               Board Meeting  -  10:00 AM  -  Brunch

  $15.00                    Bertha Arvizu Home  -  24215 Kittridge St

  April 13                  Bingo  -  Food  -  Fun  -  6:00 PM

  $15.00                    Eton Mobile Home Park Recreation Room  -  8901 Eton Ave.

  April 27                 Board Meeting  -  10:00 AM  -  No Brunch

                                  Location TBD  

Upcoming Events

Due to the current "Corona Virus" outbreak we have suspended our social activities and Board of Directors Meetings.  You can still help us meet our goals by participating in the "Bakeless" Bake Sale.  We are asking you to have your checks sent in by April 18th so we can all enjoy the fruits of our "unlabor."  Please see the flyer  -  "CLICK" on the button.

April 18  -  "Bakeless" Bake Sale

Event Calendar

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