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These 3 "Line-Up" photos were taken of the group as they entered the MOB Museum.  From L to R are:  Alvera Antunez, Toni Carbajal, Linda Lewis, Manuel Carbajal, Randy Lewis, Alexia Gomez, Ceci Gomez, Enrique Quaas, Robert Gomez, Alba Bustamante, Jane Stauss, Chave Bustamante, and Ed Stauss.  They really enjoyed learning about this period in the United States history.

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This photo was taken in front of the MOB Museum in Las Vegas.  We left for Vegas the day after the Delegation arrived in Canoga Park, and spent 3 wonderful days there.  Dinner that night was at Capo's Restaurant and it was a real treat to eat at a "Speakeasy" after learning about the history of the Mob.

Taxco Adult Delegation Visit In October 2016


The Delegation visited Anatola Elementary during their 10 day visit with us.  Each year the Kindergarten students exchange letters and drawings with the Jardin de Ninos Club 20-30 school in Taxco.  The children put on a program and sang and danced for everyone in what was one of the highlights of the visitation.