Canoga Park's Sister City Since 1963

Friends of Taxco

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Chairmen for the 2016 Year

Adult Exchange:  Jo Lamoreaux

Commissary:  Bill Harmon

Culture & Education:  Mary Galeana

Historian:  Laura Marusich

Hospitality:  Reina Scuderi

Liaison:  Randy Lewis

Membership:  Cecilia Gomez-Soles

Newsletter:  Randy Lewis


Publicity:  Bobbie Strelow

Taxco Gift:  Linda Lewis

Ways and Means:  Midge Swoger

Officers for the 2016 Year

President:  Barbara White

Vice President:  Bruce Troe

Communication Secretary:  Bobbie Strelow

Recording Secretary:  Ana Bonilla

Treasurer:  Linda Lewis

Friends of Taxco is governed by a Board of Directors composed of executive officers and committee chairpersons who meet monthly to report on current activities and transact the business of the group.  The general membership holds a quarterly General Meeting for group business, activity planning and social activities.  The general membership elects officers and committee chairpersons each November and the incoming Board of Directors is installed at an annual Installation Banquet in December.

A social activity is held each month, usually a dinner and entertainment in one of the members homes.  All members and guests are invited to these monthly fundraising activities.

Friends of Taxco is an active member of U.S./Mexico Sister Cities Association and is represented at conferences and other activities by a Liaison Chairperson and other members.  We are recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3).

Friends of Taxco is happy to welcome guests and new members.  If you would like more information or are interested in membership in the organization please click here.